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Heat Treatment Services

When dealing with metals, there shall come a time when you need them to subject to heat treatment. You need to do your homework when it comes to looking for these services. Before committing to a given company, you need to assess them using certain criteria.
You need to know more about their areas of specialty. They need to understand what is needed in treating the specific metal in stock. The metal heat treatment procedures are standardized. But key differences arise when each type of metal has to be handled. The procedure must take into account their different characteristics. You cannot, for example, treat stainless and carbon steel the same way, despite the procedure being the same. With stainless steel, you would need a controlled, oxygen-free atmosphere that only certain furnaces can produce. As for carbon steel, the presence of oxygen is no big deal. IT is therefore important to check if they have the right tools to handle all the right metals.

You also need to know about their project timeframes. This is usually controlled by certain factors, such as the type of equipment in use, the level of skill involved in a process, a first pass yield rate, and so on. You need to also look at the size of the order and the type of work to be done on it. By taking these factors into consideration, you can easily tell which company is right to work with. The best ones assure you things like the use of a continuous furnace, a high degree of specialization in the procedure to be done, an extremely high first pass yield rate. This shall give off a fast project completion rate.

They also need to have a functional supply chain management system. This shall aid in minimizing the project completion period. You will realize this if you see a fast ordering and delivery process. The beauty of working with a service provider who has such a supply chain management system in place is that they shall order the needed metal parts, work on them and deliver to you the finished products. They will also come collect the metal structures form your premises if you needed restorative services done on them, such as annealing, stress relieving, and tempering. If you do not have a supply chain management system in place, you shall reap the benefits of one when you get a service provider that can use their own.

Before you settle on a particular metal heat treating company, you need to check out the company by looking at the mentioned factors. This is how you shall make the right decisions.

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